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Multi-Platform Subscription App (Not for Shopify)
Multi-Platform Subscription App (Not for Shopify)

Simple instructions for getting the basics set up on PayWhirl's multi-platform subscription application. Not using Shopify? Start here!

PayWhirl setup & quick start guide

How to control what happens when your customers try to cancel a plan
How to import customers and migrate credit card data from other payment platforms.
How to setup promo codes, coupons or discounts
How to enable or disable promo codes
How to add shipping charges based on the total price of the order
How to add shipping charges based on location
Can I translate my widget into another language?
How to add transaction fees based on the type of payment method used (cards or ACH)
How to forward an existing customer a to a specific widget using a direct link
How to charge sales tax for specific locations
How to add a recurring donation widget to your website with PayWhirl
How to offer custom subscription packages to customers
How to connect to the Stripe gateway and configure payment methods.
How to connect to the PayPal or Braintree Gateway
How to setup ACH payments with Stripe
How to connect PayWhirl to for recurring payments
How to accept eCheck ACH Payments with PayWhirl
How to override widget layouts with custom CSS
How to use custom fonts with PayWhirl
How to add a link in a profile question
How to use custom scripts to limit the max quantity of plans on payment widgets
How to enable or disable autoscrolling on widgets
How to create a pre-paid plan that generates orders on a different frequency
How to link directly to a hosted widget in your account.
How to attach a digital download to a subscription plan and email the customer a link to the file after purchase.
How to prevent or allow checkouts from different countries and/or regions of the world.