How to accept eCheck ACH Payments with PayWhirl

You can enable eCheck for customers in your gateway settings. Customers will be able to save bank accounts & make ACH payments once enabled.

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PayWhirl supports secure eCheck (ACH) banking transfers. These transactions have much lower rates than credit cards. At the time of writing of this article (April 2018) , eCheck rates are only 0.75% per transaction. When combined with our lowest rate of 0.5% on Ultimate Plan eCheck transactions can cost less than 1.3% in total transaction fees!

By default, the eCheck option is disabled in the gateway settings. To enable eCheck, click on Payment Gateways in the main menu and edit the gateway connected to your PayWhirl account.

Note: ACH payments may take time to fully settle after processing. See's documentation for more details.

Once the setting for eCheck is enabled, the customer will have a new option to add their bank account as a payment method on checkout.

ACH payments via eCheck work similar to a debit card, except the funds come directly out of your customer's bank account for recurring payments. It's a great way to save money on processing fees if you use the payment gateway. 

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