Best practices for fulfilling and managing orders with PayWhirl

PayWhirl integrates with several order management systems to help automate shipping and make fulfillment easy to manage.

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Automatic Fulfillment Integrations

One of the most important aspects of starting a subscription business is managing the fulfillment process. PayWhirl makes this easy by integrating with some of the most popular order management systems. We have order fulfillment integrations with Shopify, ShipStation, and BigCommerce.

Once connected to PayWhirl, you can configure what happens when a customer completes the checkout process. Each payment plan you create has its own order settings option. This lets you decide how and when orders are generated in each platform.

For example, if you are selling a subscription box, you may want orders to be placed after ALL successful payments. However, if you are a rental business, you may only want orders placed after the FIRST payment is made. PayWhirl's plan specific fulfillment settings allow you to customize how each plan should place orders, to meet the needs of your business. 

Note: Orders are directly tied to invoices and only get placed after we have confirmation of the payment. 

Manual Fulfillment Options with Data Exports & Reports

The direct fulfillment integrations documented above are the recommended method of fulfilling and managing orders. However, they aren't required. If you are just getting started or don't use an order management system, you can use spreadsheets and our reporting tools to manage your shipments.  

The INVOICE REPORT under Analytics > Data Export > Invoices can be used as a fulfillment list, just make sure to sort by the dates you need and filter the results for PAID invoices only.

Reporting tools like the active subscriber report will show you a snapshot of current subscribers; however, that report is not tied to payments directly.  We do NOT recommend using the active subscriber report as a fulfillment list without other checks and balances being implemented. For example, customers who are in the dunning process and have failed payments will still be reported as "active" until the system cancels their subscription due to non-payment at the end of the dunning cycle.

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