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How to integrate ReferralCandy with PayWhirl

ReferralCandy is a popular app that allows you to track and reward customers who refer their friends to your business.

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ReferralCandy is a popular app that allows you to track and reward customers who refer their friends to your business. To create your affiliate rewards program using ReferralCandy and PayWhirl, please follow the tutorial below.

  • To begin, create an account with ReferralCandy and select the Sign up with Any Platform option:

  • Use your PAYWHIRL URL as your store URL in the referral candy settings. This is where customers will complete the checkout process technically (in an iframe on your website). This can be found on the Widgets& Forms > Customer Portal page:

  • Paste that into the Referralcandy section for website:

  • Once you have the account created and verified your email address you will need to set up your rewards in Referralcandy. This may involve bulk creating promo codes in PayWhirl & Referral Candy for advocates.

  • Then select the integration connection type. Say that you have a developer and select the API connection option in referral candy:

Note: The system will say it's not connected until you've completed a test checkout and generated the referral popup.

  • Now you need to complete the setup in PayWhirl. Go to Apps and Integrations and click setup now next to ReferralCandy:

  • In the ReferralCandy integration settings paste in your App ID & Secret Key for the plugin tokens (NOT THE API KEYS). Also, make sure to enable the popup:

  • Now you are ready to test out the system. Go to a widget and complete checkout as a brand new user. You should see the popup reward box:

  • You should see the Customer in ReferralCandy's dashboard:

You can test the complete setup by using the steps below:

  1. Use the test customer's referral link and coupon code to create another test customer.

  2. Check the original test customer's email account to see if they received their advocate reward for referring a friend(s).

REFERRAL PROGRAM SETUP - Legacy instructions (The images might not match the new ReferralCandy layout)

Set up your ReferralCandy rewards and account settings. In this example, we're going to setup ReferralCandy with PayWhirl so customers can earn a 50% off promo code by referring a friend. 

We will set up a "Friend Offer" in ReferralCandy for 20% off to help entice new customers or "friends" of existing customers.

To set up your Referral Reward, click "Referral Reward" in the main menu of Referral Candy.

Next, click "Edit" in the Referral Rewards block:

For this example, we'll choose "Coupon" as the type of reward and describe our offer for "advocates" in the referral reward settings.

Next, we will set up the referral reward conditions in ReferralCandy. These are the settings that control the "rules" of your referral reward for advocates. In this example, we will be rewarding based on the following conditions: rewards will be delivered in USD, the referred friend must spend at least $5.00, the reward email will be sent 6 hours after the friends purchase, advocates will be rewarded only on the friend's first purchase and advocates can receive one reward only for each friend they refer.

NOTE: You can configure these settings however you'd like. This is just one example of how you can reward customers for referrals.

Now we need to set up a promo code for our Referral Reward in PayWhirl. Click "Promo Codes" in the main menu of PayWhirl:

Next, click the green "New Promo" button in the top right corner of PayWhirl to create your new promo code for the referral reward. We're going to make our advocate reward a 50% off promo code ("50OFF") that can be applied to new or existing subscriptions on PayWhirl.

Later on, in this tutorial, we will need to create our "friend offer" promo code, so let's do that now while we're here in PayWhirl's manage promo code page. The friend offer will be given to "friends" of advocates as an incentive to sign up. In our example, we will make the friend offer a 20% off promo code ("WELCOME22") to help entice people to purchase.NOTE: You can change these settings to meet your own business needs. For example, you don't have to have a friend offer (they are optional technically).

Now that we have our two different promo codes created (referral reward & friend offer), we can finish our setup in ReferralCandy. Let's continue by adding our referral reward promo code to our referral candy account settings under Referral Reward.

On the Referral Reward page click "Edit" to add your promo code for your advocates:

Paste in your "50OFF" promo code from PayWhirl as your referral reward for advocates. In this example, we only created one referral reward promo code, but they suggest at least 100 if they are one-time use codes.

Next, we will set up our Friend Offer settings in referral candy. Start by clicking the "Friend Offer" menu item in ReferralCandy:

Then click "Edit" in the "Friend Offer" block and configure your settings as follows:

NOTE: You should change these settings to meet your business needs... This is just an example! 

Now we need to add our "WELCOME22" friend offer promo code to the Friend Offer settings. Click "Edit" next to "Manage your Friend Offer coupon code.

Please customize your settings as needed. 

Finally, we just need to activate our campaign on the Referral Candy status page:


You will need to contact ReferralCandy after you have installed the ReferralCandy app.

This step will allow you to manually set coupon codes in ReferralCandy so you can follow the integration steps above. 


Referral candy has added an option for retailers to select the "PayWhirl" Integration as part of the setup process (see below screenshot).

This is the first step that retailers have to do to configure the needed rewards properly. This option can be found in the ReferralCandy dashboard at (you can log into the ReferralCandy dashboard to see this in action).

That's it!... Once you activate your ReferralCandy campaign, your referral program will be live and ready to track customer referrals. As customers use their referral links, you will begin to see events show up in ReferralCandy's activity monitors. Referral candy will email out the rewards (in the form of promo codes in this example) automatically based on your settings, and customers can then apply their reward codes or friend offer codes to new/existing subscriptions on PayWhirl.

NOTE: You might have to enable the ability for customers to apply promo code rewards to EXISTING invoices or subscriptions in your PayWhirl account, "My Account" settings under advanced settings.

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