How to integrate MailChimp with PayWhirl

You can connect your MailChimp account to PayWhirl by following the steps below

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PayWhirl's integration allows you to add customers to Audiences in Mailchimp. This can be done through the Mailchimp global setting in PayWhirl or after a customer subscribes to a specific plan. 

To get this configured the first step is connecting PayWhirl to Mailchimp:

From the PayWhirl Apps & Integrations page, select "Install App" next to the MailChimp logo; then select "Connect" and you will be prompted to enter your MailChimp Login:

Once you enter your Log-in, you will be prompted to Authorize PayWhirl to connect to your MailChimp Account. After selecting "Allow" on MailChimp's authorize PayWhirl Page, your MailChimp account is connected to PayWhirl, and you will be taken back to the Apps & Integrations Page showing all active integrations.

Many customers use MailChimp to handle their marketing communications and want to have a global list of all customers who have signed up for a PayWhirl subscription (past and present). From the Apps & Integration Page, if you select MailChimp's "Settings," you can choose an Audience to add ALL PayWhirl customers.

Note: This will subscribe ALL customers to this global list in MailChimp immediately after they provide their email address but before they complete checkout. 

In your Payment Plan settings, you'll also notice that you have an extra section on plan settings. If you set up a MailChimp Audience for a specific Payment Plan, then customers who buy this Plan will be added to the specified Audience. Customers are added to the Audience selected in the Payment Plan after the first invoice processes.

Note: PayWhirl can add customers to an audience list in MailChimp, but it will not automatically remove them from that audience list when their subscriptions are canceled. 

Lastly, within MailChimp, you should be able to configure their system to "remove a customer from other audiences when they are added to a new audience" in the settings. You may have to speak with MailChimp on exactly how this happens on their side, but it's an option as far as we are aware. It may require setting up an automation workflow in their system.

When set-up correctly, customers will begin checkout and be subscribed to the abandoners list. Then if the customer completes their purchase, the automation system in MailChimp will move the customer to the purchasers' list. The end result leaves you with a list of people who abandoned checkout (the global list subscribe in the Paywhirl app settings) and a list of purchasers (the plan specific subscribe option in the plan settings within Paywhirl), so you can market to each list independently. 

That's it! Once you're all set up you'll start seeing customers added to your MailChimp lists!

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