How to customize the invoice template in PayWhirl

You can completely customize PayWhirl invoices to add extra information or remove anything that you don't need to be displayed to customers.

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When your customers' login to their customer portal they can view their upcoming and paid invoices. We offer a basic pre-built invoice template that works "out of the box," for most businesses but you can customize the template to fit your business needs. 

PayWhirl's invoice template system layers on Twig (which is very similar to other template languages like Shopify's Liquid template language or BigCommerce's Stencil framework). You can use logic and data from your account within your invoices and customize them just like email templates. It works very similarly and the same variables you can use to tailor the PayWhirl emails are available in your invoice template as well.

To enable custom the invoice templates go to Account Settings > Advanced Settings and toggle the invoice template to custom:

The invoices can be edited either in code view or with the graphical editor (WYSIWYG), however we recommend using the code view to prevent issues. 

You can toggle between code/wysiwyg editor from your email template editor setting on the email settings page. To switch the edit style click on the Email Alerts > Email Settings and adjust the drop down at the top of the page:

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