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How to integrate PayWhirl's customer portal login with your website.
How to integrate PayWhirl's customer portal login with your website.

PayWhirl offers a few options for seamlessly integrating your website's login functionality with PayWhirl's customer portal / login widget

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The customer portal is a secure place where your customers can manage their own account information. Every PayWhirl account comes with a unique customer portal hosted at "" that can be accessed from any device on the internet.

You can ALSO embed a customer login widget (like we do in our portal demo into a page on your website so your customers can log in securely without ever leaving your site. 

Main Menu > Manage Widgets > New Widget -

To embed the PayWhirl customer login widget simply select the Customer Login widget type and then copy the embed code to paste into HTML of your website:

For example, you can create a new "Manage Subscriptions" page and embed a customer login widget on the page for customers to access their account... 

OR... If you don't want to embed the portal login into your website, you can always link directly to the hosted version on the web.

The customer login widget looks like this once it's been installed...

You can also integrate an existing website login (if you already have one) to work with your PayWhirl customer portal login, so customers only have to login once.

For example, if you use an eCommerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce, customers will technically have TWO different places to manage account information. 

  1. The native platform login (usually integrated with your theme)

  2. The PayWhirl customer portal login

However, because we create customers in those systems when they make a purchase, customers will have the same credentials for both systems and can login to either/both with the same information. 

SO... What are your options to create a seamless experience? It's actually a simple solution and works like this:

  1. Find your website's "my account" pages (display after customers login). The files are usually in your theme files on Shopify, BigCommerce, Etc.

  2. Add a link that says "Manage Subscriptions" (or whatever you'd like)

  3. Load the customer login widget when customers click the link and/or load a sub-section at this point with the  PayWhirl customer portal login widget.

When you integrate the PayWhirl login INSIDE the native theme log in it just feels like an added security step (which it is because customers are about to access a secure area within your website, with their stored payment information) and most customers don't even think twice about it, as this is becoming more and more common everyday (2 factor authentication). Most customers will have no problems because their credentials will be the same in both systems. It's a quick and inexpensive solution that will work for MOST businesses that use PayWhirl.

However, if you need true "single sign-on" (aka SSO or MultiPass) features for your website or application, we also support this through our API, but it will take some custom development to implement. Here is the api endpoint for SSO / Multi-Auth if you are interested:

With our MultiAuth API endpoint, you can automatically login customers and direct them to widgets and/or pages within the customer portal if you need it. 

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Please let us know if you have any questions. 

The PayWhirl Team

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