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How to add custom profile questions & answers to your email templates.
How to add custom profile questions & answers to your email templates.

This article shows how to add custom profile questions / answers to PayWhirl email templates.

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PayWhirl's email template system is built on Twig, which is very similar to other popular template languages like FreeMarker, Liquid by Shopify and/or "Stencil" by Bigcommerce. It allows you to customize and personalize your emails with data from your account.

Many businesses want to include the answers to profile questions in their PayWhirl email(s), which are sent from their account. In the example below, I'm going to show you how to edit the default 'new subscription email' to add profile questions from your account.

  • First navigate to the Email Template page

  • Create a new "new subscription" template

  • Click edit template and scroll down to where you want to place the questions and include this code:

<p>Your answers:</p>
{% for question in profile_questions %}
<strong>{{ question.label }}</strong><br/>
{{ question.answer }}
{% endfor %}

Note: The email preview you see will have random questions and answers, it will not show actual customer data until you run a test transaction.

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