How to customize emails and email templates

On PayWhirl, you have complete control over your emails and templates. We offer some basic pre-built templates as a default.

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On PayWhirl, you have complete control over your emails and templates. We offer some basic pre-built templates that work "out of the box," but we recommend you customize the templates to match your business needs. 

PayWhirl's Email Templates

PayWhirl's email template system layers on Twig (which is very similar to other template languages like Shopify's Liquid or BigCommerce's Stencil framework), so you can use logic and data from your customers to tailor the content to your business. Please see this article for a complete list of email template variables you can use in PayWhirl emails.

How to create a "Custom Welcome email"

In this tutorial, we will customize the welcome email that is sent to all new customers when they first provide an email address on signup. To get started, we will name and create our modified "Custom Welcome Email" template.

Email Preview

Once you have generated one of the default templates, you will see a preview of how it appears. Here is an example of one of our "classic" templates.

How to edit your emails' logo

Notice the logo, and basic business info was added automatically. The business info is taken directly from the My Account page. The logo can be added in the Portal Settings page.

How to edit you emails color

The colors in the widget can be edited by using the color pickers.

Methods to edit email templates (Code or Visual Editor)

There are two methods to edit email templates in PayWhirl. If you are familiar with HTML, you can use the default code view, OR... You can use the visual editor if you are less familiar with HTML. The setting is located in the Main Menu > Account Settings > My Account > Default Editor

Code View

You can toggle to HTML or the editor by clicking the "Edit Template" tab...

You can use information from your customers in your emails on PayWhirl. We offer quite a few variables (listed below) for you to customize and personalize your emails. You will see some of this used in the default templates:

You can also use the dump feature to see all the available variables you can use. For example:

Visual Editor (WYSIWYG)

The Visual Editor looks like this:

You can use this method to edit the text and change the wording, but it's not recommended to make drastic changes as the editor can "break" the template if you are not very careful. If that happens, or you get stuck,  and you want to start over, you can always create a new template.

Note: Using the "Send Test" option to test the email templates uses fake data instead of live data from your account. To test with live data, you should actually subscribe a customer to the plan you want to test.

Enable Email on Email Settings page

Finally, once you have finished customizing your template(s) don't forget to enable them on the email settings page in your account. If you have any questions about customizing emails or notifications, please let us know.

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