In PayWhirl there is a settings page specifically for email alerts and notifications. On the email settings page you can enable, disable or copy yourself on any of emails the system sends out.


Once you've verified your email address you can enable / disable "Test Mode" which will make all the test emails that usually go to customers route to your email address (or the main PayWhirl account holders). 

NOTE: Any test customers that are associated with the PayWhirl Test Gateway will automatically have their emails routed to the main PayWhirl account holder, regardless of the test mode setting. 

This is helpful because as you test the system you can see all the emails your customers would normally receive from a single email inbox (the main account holders). 

When you are finished with your testing you can simply associate customers customers with a LIVE gateway and/or disable test mode and all the emails will immediately begin sending to their normal destinations.

Note: You can also add your email address to the 'send a copy to' field to get copied on any of the notifications.

By default, all emails will be sent via our email system and PayWhirl email addresses, however, you can send emails from your own custom domain using SMTP if you toggle the "Send Email Via" setting to "Send from your own domain." You can read more about how to configure mail to send from your own domain here.

An example of the Default Template for the "New Subscription Email" looks like this...

If you'd like you can also customize the default email templates in PayWhirl to provide a more personalized experience for customers.

You can also customize email notifications for a specific plan. When editing a plan, scroll down to the bottom of the page and open up the plan specific email settings.

This can be used to send a custom template for a specific plan, overriding the more general email settings.

 It can also be used to disable emails for specific plans. Suppose you are linking multiple plans together in a chain. It is usually a good idea to turn off the 'new subscription' emails on the secondary plans in the chain. This way, the customer doesn't get confused when they get subscribed to the second plan in the chain.

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If you have any questions about email settings please let us know.

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