On PayWhirl, you can send emails from your domain using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) instead of using our default mail servers. Using SMTP allows you to send out PayWhirl transactional emails (notification emails) to your customers as if the email originated from your email address, so all replies will be independent of our shared mail servers.

Google Apps / Gmail do not support sending emails directly through SMTP with your usual login credentials (without changing your security settings in your Gmail account). Also, the limits for sending are lower than most PayWhirl customers need. But don't worry, you can continue to use Gmail for your emails as you do now and add an "SMTP relay" to use with PayWhirl. It still uses your company email address to send the email but doesn't have the restrictions of a regular email account.

If you don't already have an SMTP relay server connected to your domain, we recommend the following services to help you get set up:

To configure your SMTP settings, log in to your PayWhirl account and go to Outbound Emails > Email Settings.

You'll see an option labeled "Send Email via." Set this option to "Send from your own domain."

Once selected, you'll be presented with a few extra form fields where you can enter the settings provided by your email service provider.

SMTP Host - Enter the hostname for your email provider (for Mailgun, this setting would be smtp.mailgun.org)

SMTP Username - This is the username provided by your email service provider.

SMTP Password - This is the password provided by your email service provider.

From Address - Every email address PayWhirl should send from. This must be the same domain you have verified with your email service provider.

From Name - The name you'd like us to use in emails sent on your behalf, usually your business name.

Port - The port to send emails from provided by your email service provider. Common ports are 25,465, 2525, 2526, and 587

When gathering your settings from your email service provider, make sure you use the configuration that includes SSL as all PayWhirl emails are sent using SSL.

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