How to embed a PayWhirl widget in your WIX site?

See this guide for help installing PayWhirl into a WIX page

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This is a basic example showing how to embed the widget code we provide on a new blank WIX page.

1- Go to your PayWhirl admin panel and click on Manage Widget under Widgets and Forms section as shown below

2- Now, click edit on a widget you want to add to your WIX site or create a new one by clicking the New Widget button from the top right corner. If you haven't created a widget yet, see this guide for making a widget.

3- Now copy embed code of that widget

4- Once embedded code is copied, open your WIX website's admin panel and click on "Add."

5- Now, click on "Blank" to create a new blank page.

6- Now click on "+" sign from left sidebar within site editor

7- Now click on more and then drag HTML Code to page 

8- Click enter code and paste your copied embed code in the box. If you don't have other code already in the box, add <p> tag before the code and </p> after the code. Click "Update" then "Publish" button in the top left corner.

9- That's how it will look at your store.

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