If your website is hosted on Wix you can use PayWhirl to process and manage subscriptions but you might need to alter your embed code to get everything working properly.

If you notice that your PayWhirl widgets and/or payment forms are opening in their own browser tab / window you can wrap your embed code in paragraph tags to prevent this. (add the <p> to the beginning and the </p> to the end of the code we generate for you. Not the code in the sample below.)

Sample WIX Embed Code Fix:

Notice how we "wrap" the embed code with <p> and </p> tags. You can also use span tags <span> ... </span> or div tags <div> ... </div> depending on your theme.

Lastly, you will want to make sure the HEIGHT of your template is tall enough to give the widget enough room to load.

If you have any question about integrating PayWhirl with WIX please send us an email.

Team PayWhirl

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