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How to embed a PayWhirl widget into a page in BigCommerce
How to embed a PayWhirl widget into a page in BigCommerce

Covers the basics of installing a PayWhirl widget into a page on BigCommerce. Widgets can be installed via the editor in your online store.

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This is a basic example showing how to embed a PayWhirl payment widget into a blank page in BigCommerce. Widgets and buy buttons can also be added "in-line" on an existing product page if you'd prefer.

How to embed a recurring payment widget or buy button on a BigCommerce page:

1) In PayWhirl click "Manage Widgets" under Widgets & Forms in the Main Menu.

2) Select the widget that you want to add to your BigCommerce store or create a new widget by clicking the "New Widget" button in the top right corner of the page. If you haven't created a widget yet, see this guide on widgets.

3) Once you have selected your widget by clicking "edit" you can copy its embed code from the section below the widget preview. You can use the embedded widget code to display the widget IN the page or the buy button code to popup checkout OVER the page.

4) Next, we'll paste the embed code within a page on BigCommerce... Click on "Storefront Content" in your BigCommerce account main menu.

5) Now click on "Web Pages"

6) Click on the page where you want to add that widget or create a new page by clicking on button labelled as "Create a Web Page" 

7) Click on the HTML button on the right corner of your WYSIWIG editor to view the HTML of the page...

8) Paste the widget code you copied from PayWhirl into the "HTML Source Editor" and click "update" to save.

That's it! You have successfully added a PayWhirl widget to a page in your BigCommerce store. If you make any changes to the widget in PayWhirl (like changing the colors, text, price of a payment plan) it will change automatically in BigCommerce. You don't have to make any changes to the embed code, once it's installed changes will occur automatically on your website.

If you then preview your page, you should see your widget embedded into the page, which will allow customers to check out for a recurring payment plan.

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