How to link directly to a hosted widget in your account.

If you don't have a website you can send customers directly to a widget securely hosted by PayWhirl using a direct link.

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We provide a Hosted Widget so you can send customers directly to a widget without embedding it into a page on your site. This can be helpful for email campaigns and/or if you don't have a website where you can embed payment widgets.

Step 1 - Find your PayWhirl "subdomain"

First, navigate to the customer portal page to find out your "subdomain." It is the part circled before in the image below...

Step 2 - Find your Widgets Unique ID

Next, navigate to Manage Widgets in the main menu and find the Unique ID for the widget you would like to send customers to...

Step 3 - Change link to match your "Subdomain"

Now for the tricky part. You need to change the link below to match the correct "subdomain" from your account. It's the part that comes before the "" in the URL below.

In the example above, the subdomain is "paywhirltesting" so we will replace the word "subdomain" with "paywhirltesting" and the Unique ID number with "25dbe5de-71ee-4507-89db-e3dfbf250c1b" (the unique id for our widget).

The final link should look something like this:

This link can be sent to customers directly, and they will be able to view a secure page with the related payment widget from your account. 

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