You can connect PayWhirl to thousands of existing 3rd party tools, apps, and software systems using webhooks with services like Zapier or IFTTT (if this then that) to make the connections. In this tutorial, we will show you how to connect to Zapier, a leading service that makes it easy to connect web apps, so you can then pass data into their many existing integrations using our native webhooks.

To get started, click the "Make a new zap" button from your dashboard on Zapier ( Then select the "Webhooks" option under "Built-In Apps":

Next, give your zap a name (we used PayWhirl Webhook Integration Demo) and select "Catch Hook" as the type. Click Save + Continue:

Then, skip the next setting for this tutorial to pass ALL information into Zapier. This setting helps you limit your webhook to only look at specific information, which might be helpful for some integrations, but we want to see ALL of the available data, so we're leaving it blank.

Then copy the webhook URL they give you by clicking "Copy to clipboard":

Now we will go to the webhooks page within PayWhirl to register the webhook in the PayWhirl system:

Then we will paste the URL from Zapier into the "Webhook Url" field and click the Register Webhook button:

At this point, your webhook will be activated, and you will see it in your list of active webhooks in PayWhirl:

Next, you can run a test charge using the PayWhirl test gateway to simulate a charge in your account and trigger a test webhook for Zapier. You can enter any credit card you want with the PayWhirl test gateway to simulate a charge.

Once you have completed a test transaction to generate a webhook you can continue in Zapier, and you will see a success message indicating they received the data:

At this point, you are able to connect to the hundreds of existing apps and tools they offer. You can do things like generate emails, update spreadsheets, update QuickBooks, or CRM software like salesforce, or send text messages, and on and on.

Here are a few of the popular apps that you can integrate with once you have Zapier successfully catching webhooks:

Check out for the full list of available apps and integrations they support. They offer 100 "zaps" per month for free and 3000 zaps on their lowest plan for $19/month (at the time of writing this article).

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