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How to resolve pending invoices that are held for review
How to resolve pending invoices that are held for review

The payment gateways we connect with have built-in fraud protection filters that may hold charges temporarily before they can be processed.

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On PayWhirl, scheduled invoices will typically process automatically, without action needed on your part. However, occasionally you may find the fraud protection settings in your payment gateway will cause one of your customer's payments to get held for review. 

For example, Stripe has a system called "Radar," which is used to detect fraudulent payments. has a similar feature called Advanced Fraud Protection Suite. In addition to the default fraud protection rules that come with these systems, you can also add additional rules to prevent undesired payment types (i.e. prepaid cards)

If PayWhirl attempts to process an invoice payment with your gateway and a fraud rule is triggered, your gateway will hold the payment for you to review. These held payments will show up on your PayWhirl dashboard in the payment calendar as orange boxes.

NOTE: ACH payments will also be flagged as "held" while they are processing!

You can also find more information about the specific reason on the invoice page under the invoice history section under activity.

If you view an invoice that is held for review, it will give you more details in the Invoice History section.

When payments are held for review, they can often be reviewed and accepted manually within your gateway account. To process an invoice that has been held, you must accept or decline the charge. Log-in to your payment gateway and go to the review section. 

In Stripe this is under Radar > Reviews:

In it will be under AFDS (Advanced Fraud Detection Suite), and the held payments will display as "Pending Review."

Once the charges have been approved, your PayWhirl account will be updated, and your invoice statuses will be set as paid. These changes will reflect on the invoice automatically in PayWhirl, and any orders that were tied to the invoice will be placed in connected order management systems.

NOTE: Some payments that are held will NOT be reviewable!

For example, ACH payments cannot be manually processed. Also, depending on the severity of the fraud violation, payments may be held and assessed by your gateway directly. In these scenarios, you will have to wait for the payments to clear automatically. Once processed, your invoices will update accordingly in PayWhirl.

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