You might have noticed the new payment calendars both in the backend of PayWhirl on the dashboard (for you, the admin) and for your logged-in customers inside their customer portal. The payment calendar is color-coded to make it easy to see a snapshot of all your invoices and their current status.

There are 6 different statuses an invoice can have:

  • Paid - The invoice has processed successfully.

  • Refunded - The invoice has processed successfully and been partially or fully refunded.

  • Retrying - The invoice attempted to bill the customer but failed. It will show on the day it has been rescheduled to run. 

  • Held - The invoice is delayed in processing. Some delays such as fraud protection, can be often resolved by approving them in the gateways. ACH transactions, on the other hand, will take a bit of time to process and will show held. 

  • Failed - The invoice failed too many times and will not be retried anymore.

  • Scheduled - Pending invoices that are set to attempt to charge the customer on a specific day.

You can view all of the invoices with a specific status by clicking on the color box that corresponds to the type of invoice you want to view. For example, you can click on the grey pending invoice section on a specific calendar day to view all the upcoming invoices that will run on that day. 

If you then click the view button on an invoice, you will see the invoice details and can make edits as needed.  

As a customer, you get a similar view specific to your account, so you can always see when your next invoice(s) will occur (one of the most common questions subscription retailers get). We're hoping this helps cut down support requests from customers about their billing dates.  

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