How can I migrate from V1 to V2?

Are you interested in migrating to version 2 of PayWhirl but have existing customers on the classic

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Are you interested in migrating to version 2 of PayWhirl but have existing customers on the classic version (v1)? If you would like to upgrade your account to use version 2 of PayWhirl we have a tool that will help make your transition as seamless as possible.

Our automated migration tool migrates most of your account data including subscribers, custom profile questions, plans and promo codes, installments, etc. from version 1 to version 2.

V2 Automated Migration Tool Process:

  1. Copies plans from v1 to v2

  2. Connects any chained plans together 

  3. Copies subscribers from v1 to v2 customers

  4. Copies profile questions and answers from v1 to v2

  5. Copies cards from Stripe to v2

  6. Copies promo codes from v1 to v2

  7. Copies subscription data from Stripe to v2

  8. Copies installments for each subscription from v1 to v2

  9. Creates the next upcoming invoice for subscription on v2

  10. Cancels subscription in Stripe

If you would like to migrate your customers to the new version of PayWhirl you will need to complete the following steps BEFORE we begin:

  1. Select a plan and create a NEW account on the V2 system -

  2. In another browser tab login to your EXISTING STRIPE ACCOUNT that is connected to your PayWhirl V1 account. You should see your plans & subscribers from v1 inside.

  3. In your PayWhirl V2 account navigate to the "Payment Gateways" main menu item -

  4. Next to Stripe click "Setup Gateway" and make sure to CONNECT TO THE SAME STRIPE ACCOUNT that is linked to V1 of PayWhirl. If you're logged into Stripe already you will see the name of your store.

  5. Export your available subscriber reports from the v1 system and any relevant Stripe data as a backup (required before migration)

Once you have a PayWhirl v2 account that is linked to the same Stripe account as your PayWhirl v1 account we can start the migration process. However, you might want to complete a few more optional tasks before proceeding:

  1. Setup any existing emails on the v2 system. There are several new emails you might want to customize and personalize in the new system. On the new system you have access to the full email template. You can enable an easier editor (non html) under your main account settings if needed but caution as this can break the html layout if not used properly. 

  2. Setup any new tax rules you might need. However, these will apply to new invoices immediately so you might want to notify customers before setting up tax rules.

  3. Setup any shipping rules you might need. However these will also apply to new invoices immediately so you might not want this option initially.

Once we run the migration you will need to re-create all of your WIDGETS / PAYMENT FORMS on V2 and install your new embed code(s). During this period, when you are creating your new widgets, you can leave your v1 widgets installed on your website. Both systems can run simultaneously.When you have your new widgets / payment forms ready to install you can simply replace your v1 embed codes. Finally, we can migrate anyone who signed up while you were setting up your new widgets / payment forms on V2.Once you have completed the steps listed above please send us an email or submit a ticket and we'll get the process started. 

NOTICE: Migration is non-reversible and not advised unless needed during the v2 beta period.

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