How to setup promo codes, coupons or discounts

Promo codes can be configured to apply to one, or multiple payments or invoices. You can manage discount codes from your paywhirl account.

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You can set-up as many promo codes, coupons, or discounts on as you need on PayWhirl. However, if you don't plan on using them, you should disable the option in your account settings menu. Some customers may try to search for a promo code when they see that field, which can decrease conversions.

To create your first discount code, select Invoices > Promo Codes from the main menu:

Next, click the "Create a Promo Code" button if you've never created one before, or if you have, the "New Promo" in the top right corner of the page:

When you create a new discount code, you will see several settings that allow you to control how the code will be applied to subscription purchases when customers use it in the future.

New Promo & Coupon Code Settings 

Duration Setting

  • Once - This is a one-time coupon that only applies once to a transaction

  • Repeating - This is a promo that lasts a specific number of billing cycles/payment installments (days, weeks, months, etc.)

  • Forever - This is an ongoing discount that continues indefinitely

Amount off / Percent off (select only one)

  • Amount off - A fixed amount to discount (such as $10 off) 

  • Percent-off - A percentage of the total price (includes any set up fees) 

Max redemptions

Total number of customers who can redeem the discount. This field is optional (ie. the first 10 customers get 10% off their entire purchase)

Redeem By:

Add an expiration date to this promo code. This field is optional (ie. Customers who sign up be for 1/1/16 get 10$ off for life)

Apply Discount to

Subtotal (before shipping and taxes have been applied) or Grand Total (after shipping and taxes have been applied). You can choose how the discount works with shipping and tax rules. Promo codes can be calculated after you calculate the tax and shipping total or before. For example, you may want to ensure that customers pay full price for shipping, even if they are using a promo code. In that is the case select 'subtotal.' Note: Promo codes associated with specific plans will only discount the plan's subtotal amount.

Limit to Single-Use Per Customer

Prevents the same user from applying the code a second time.

Apply to Specific Plans or Upsells

Will limit the use of a promo code to specific plan(s) and/or upsell(s) in your account. You can select which plan(s) and/or upsell(s) the promo code should apply to, and customers will only be able to apply the promo code to if they are purchasing one of the associated plans or upsells.

You can also create, associate, or edit the association of a coupon code with a specific plan(s) from the INDIVIDUAL PLAN SETTINGS pages in your account.

Once a promo code has been saved, you will see the promo code appear in your main promo codes management view inside the promo code table:

NOTE: Make sure not to use special characters like !@#$%^&*() in your promo codes or the amount/percent off sections. This will prevent the form from saving.

By default, customers can use a promo code on checkout and/or in their customer portal on existing subscriptions. If you don't want customers to be able to add a promo code to existing subscriptions, you can disable the functionality in Account Settings > My Account > Advanced Settings.

Finally, as a PayWhirl account manager, you can always add a promo code for your customers from the invoice view in the admin section of your account.

If you delete a promo code from the account, existing invoices that already had the discount applied will remain discounted. However, future invoices that are generated will not have the promo attached and will not be discounted. 

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