Shopify discount codes are fully supported with subscriptions. They can be configured to apply to one or multiple payments or invoices. You can manage discount codes from your Shopify account. In this example, we will create a new discount code, but you can also edit your existing codes to set them to work with subscriptions.

There are tons of different options and settings for discounts on Shopify. You can learn more about them here. In this guide, we will set up a free shipping option just for subscriptions.

First, navigate to the discount page in Shopify and click "Create discount."

Next, select the discount code option.

Note: As of Oct 2022, Shopify doesn't support automatic discounts with subscriptions. Discount codes must be entered at checkout.

Next, give the discount a title and select the appropriate type. Here we selected free shipping and subscriptions only:

  • A bit lower on the page, you can set the recurring options for the discount code, then click save.

You can apply the discount to the first payment only, every payment, or a fixed number of payments. We selected all recurring payments, so the customer will get free shipping on that subscription for as long as they stay subscribed. We also didn't set a usage limit. This way, if the customer adds more subscriptions, they can use this code on those purchases as well.

The next part is optional, but we will edit the subscription plan to tell the customer about the promo code.

This way, the customer sees the discount code on the product page when they select the subscription:

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