If you install the PayWhirl customer portal into your theme and enable customer accounts in Shopify, your customers will be able to manage their subscriptions when they are logged in to your store.

You also have the option to allow customers to add items to existing subscriptions directly from product pages. These subscription editing features can be toggled on/off from the settings page in PayWhirl.

Customer Portal Features (as of Jan 2023)

  • Customers can edit subscriptions from the customer portal

  • Customers can add products to existing subscriptions from product page(s)

  • Customers can edit billing schedules

  • Customers can add/remove discounts

  • Customers can cancel subscriptions

  • Customers can pause subscriptions

  • Customers can skip payments

  • Customers can make payments early

  • Customers can update their payment methods on file

  • Customers can update their shipping addresses

  • Customers can switch to local pickup or local delivery if enabled in your shop.

For example, you can disable customers' ability to cancel on their own so they must contact you before making changes, or their ability to add/remove discount codes on existing subscriptions.

When a customer logs into your website using their account credentials, they can click the subscription portal link to view their subscription details from the My Account page of your theme.

NOTE: The location of this link will vary based on where it was placed when you installed PayWhirl. If customers cannot see the subscription link when logged in, please ensure you have completed the portal theme installation or reach out to our team. We'll make sure it's configured properly so customers can access their subscriptions in Shopify.

The main subscription view in the customer portal contains the basic details of each customer's subscription. Customers can view more information and manage a specific subscription by clicking Manage Subscription.

From the subscription details page, customers can edit their subscription, pause, cancel and skip their next order if enabled in the app settings. They also can update their payment method and shipping address.

How customers edit their existing subscription product(s) on Shopify

Customers can add or remove products from their subscriptions if the functionality is enabled in PayWhirl's settings. There are three options when allowing customers to edit their subscriptions.

Disabled - If selected, customers will not be able to swap products on existing subscriptions from the customer portal. They will have to contact you to make changes.

Only to variants of the same product - If selected, customers will only be allowed to change their subscription to variants of the same product(s) to which they are currently subscribed. It will not allow them to select variants of other products and will limit their choices to the variants of the same product(s) they have on their current subscription.

To any product/variant assigned to the current selling plan - If selected, customers will be able to add variants from ANY products that the selling plan is assigned to in Shopify. For example, If you have a selling plan assigned to multiple products, customers would be able to switch to any of the other product variants that have the same selling plan attached.

When customers click the EDIT button on a subscription, they will be taken to a view where they can add or remove additional products/variants based on the settings for swapping configured in the app.

Adding products to existing subscriptions from product page(s)

Customers can add products to their existing subscriptions if the option is enabled in the PayWhirl settings menu. To toggle this feature on, check the box labeled, "Allow adding products directly from the product page." This setting will add a button to the selling, plan, widget, allowing customers to add products directly to an existing subscription.

The button will only appear if they have an active subscription, matching at least one of the selling plans assigned to the selected product variant.

How customers edit their subscription billing schedule on Shopify

Also, if enabled in the app settings, customers can change their billing schedule from the edit page. Customers will be able to select from any of the selling plan frequencies that are configured in the related selling plan.

Additional notes on subscription purchases with Shopify Checkout

When customers go through the Shopify checkout with a subscription, they are required by Shopify to agree to the subscription terms. They will also see the frequency and an estimate of their recurring charges.

The recurring total estimate is calculated by Shopify and does not include tax, duties, or any applicable discounts. The checkbox is also a Shopify requirement and cannot be disabled.

Customers can enter any Shopify discount codes that apply to subscription products, which can be configured in Shopify. Discount codes applied at checkout will be in addition to any discounts you have configured in your PayWhirl selling plans.

Most of the subscription text on the checkout page can be customized from Shopify's language editor.

After checkout, you can display a link for customers to manage their subscriptions.

You can toggle the manage subscription link on/off from the PayWhirl settings page.

If you want customers to be able to log in and manage their own accounts, they will need to have a Shopify customer account. You can toggle this option in the Shopify Checkout settings to either optional or required to ensure customers can log in to your site and manage their subscriptions.

  • If you set accounts to required in Shopify, customers will have to register an account at checkout. This will ensure they can log into your website after purchases are made.

  • If you sent accounts to optional in Shopify, customers will have the option to checkout as a guest. This means they might not have the necessary login credentials to access their subscriptions unless they return and create an account at a later date.

If you allow customers to checkout as guests, we recommend sending out the account invite email from Shopify to ensure your subscribers will be able to access their subscriptions if necessary.

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