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How to easily resume a canceled subscription or installment plan
How to easily resume a canceled subscription or installment plan

When a subscription is canceled, either by a customer or payment decline, it can be resumed.

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When dealing with recurring payments, declines and cancellations are always a concern. With PayWhirl, you can quickly resume a subscription so that there is minimal interruption to the customer. 

When a subscription is canceled, it will show under the subscription history in the customer's account. 

  1. To resume the subscription, locate the customer by going to the Manage Customers.

  2. From there, you will see all of the main account details. Click on the Subscription tab on the top of the page.

  3. This view will show all of the current subscriptions as well as the customer's subscription history. Click "Resume" to re-activate the customer's subscription.

  4. The system will then ask if you want to resume and attempt to collect for the missed invoices or re-add the subscription going forward. 

  5. The subscription will now show under active subscriptions, and you can see subscription history, and view the upcoming invoice by clicking edit next to the subscription.

That's it! The subscription is now resumed!

Resuming a subscription and collecting past payments will not adjust the customer's billing cycle. The system will charge the customers using separate invoices for each missed payment. Their upcoming payment will be scheduled for their normal billing cycle date.

Resuming a subscription without collecting past payments will typically reset the billing cycle to the day the subscription is resumed. The exception is if the subscription was recently canceled and still in the same billing cycle. Suppose the current billing cycle is from October 10th through November 10th, so the upcoming invoice is scheduled for November 10th. On October 15th, the customer cancels their subscription by mistake and asks you to resume it. In this case, resuming without collecting a past payment will result in the upcoming invoice billing on its original date November 10th (preventing two charges in the same billing cycle).

Note: If you are connected to Shopify and resume a canceled subscription, tags will only get added back onto the customer's account when the resumed subscription's invoice processes. You may need to manually add the tags back onto the customer's account in Shopify if you need them before that time. 

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