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How to control what happens when your customers try to cancel a plan

You have control over subscription cancellations and can have them cancel immediately or at the end of the billing period

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By default, when a customer clicks 'cancel' in their customer portal, the customer is unsubscribed immediately. This setup may be ideal for a subscription box client, but not for businesses who are selling services or memberships.

Note: This feature is not yet available on our new Shopify 2020 integration. This is coming soon in early 2021. At the moment, you can disable the customer's ability to cancel.

Each plan has a setting to determine what happens when the customer clicks cancel. 

  • The first option will cancel the plan immediately. Any tags or group settings that rely on the customer staying subscribed to the plan are removed as soon as the customer clicks cancel.

  • The second option is to cancel the plan at the end of the current billing cycle. Suppose your customer is on a monthly membership to get a discount on goods in your store. Then halfway through their current month, they click 'cancel plan'. When this happens, the customer's upcoming invoice is removed, but they remain subscribed to the plan for the remainder of the billing cycle.

Note: If the customer changes their mind, they can delete the cancellation request.

  • The third option is to disable the customer's ability to cancel. This will essentially lock the customer into that plan, so they have to reach out to you to cancel it for them. In the Account Settings > Advanced settings, you can also disable the customer's ability to remove their credit card, edit their subscription, and more. 

  • If the plan is 'chained' to itself or another plan, you will also get a 4th option to cancel the plan after the last installment. This happens before the customer is switched onto the secondary plan and is ideal for pre-paid plans. The customer is able to cancel their renewal and will continue to get installments (orders) they already paid for.  

In the customer portal, it looks like this.

Customers will have the option to change their mind and delete the cancellation request.

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