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How to prevent churn with customer cancellation flows from PayWhirl
How to prevent churn with customer cancellation flows from PayWhirl

How to give customers who cancel additional options like skipping an installment, editing their subscription or by offering them a discount.

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When customers lose interest in your products or services, it inevitably leads to subscription churn, less revenue, and diminishing customer lifetime value. Thankfully, there are ways to minimize your subscription churn rate by using PayWhirl's customer cancellation flows.

You can provide additional options to customers who intend to cancel, such as reminding them they can skip an installment or that they can edit their subscription frequency or product(s). If those don't work, you can offer them a discount if they remain subscribed.

Each option can be enabled or disabled from the settings panel in PayWhirl, depending on your needs.

Customer Cancellation Flow Settings

This is how it looks from the customer portal after clicking the cancel option.

Front End Preview

If none of the options work and customers continue with cancelation, you can gather feedback about why they are leaving, so you can make changes to your products or services with the data you receive from customers.

NOTE: You can edit all of the text displayed to customers from the translation settings in PayWhirl to make the language match your branding, change the options, etc.

The survey results are available in the canceled subscription under the overview.

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