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How to Set Up Automatic Milestone Discounts with PayWhirl
How to Set Up Automatic Milestone Discounts with PayWhirl

Progressive discounting helps you reward your customer's loyalty by offering discounts throughout their subscription.

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This guide will walk you through setting up a discounting strategy using PayWhirl's workflow feature, available on Traction plans and above.

Step 1: Creating a New Workflow

  1. Click on the PayWhirl App and navigate to the 'Workflows' tab in your dashboard.

  2. Click the 'Create Subscription Automation' button.

  3. Name your workflow for easy identification, e.g., 'Loyalty Discount'.

Step 2: Defining Subscription Conditions

  1. In the 'Subscription conditions' section, click on 'Set conditions'.

  2. Select the appropriate conditions that define which subscriptions this workflow will apply to. If no conditions are set, it will apply to all subscriptions

    With these conditions, the customer would have to be subscribed to one of the two monthly billing plans and have a product called "Premium Coffee".

Step 3: Configuring Discount Milestones

  1. Click the 'add trigger' button and select the order you want to start getting the discount.

  2. Click 'Add action' and choose 'Add discount'.

  3. Specify the discount details (e.g., '5% off' and 'applies to this and all future orders').

For Further Milestones

  • Add a trigger to the 6th Order: e.g. configure a 10% discount.

  • Add a trigger to the 12th Order: e.g. configure adding a free gift product

Step 4: Finalizing and Activating the Workflow

  1. Review the workflow to ensure all settings are correct.

  2. Save the workflow and ensure its status is 'active'.

Important Notes

  • This feature is designed for subscriptions on Traction plans and above.

  • We recommend communicating the benefits of this discount structure to your subscribers. You can use the description section of the selling plan to let them know how it works.

  • Monitor the impact of the workflow and make adjustments as needed.


For assistance with setting up your progressive discounting workflow or any other questions about using PayWhirl, please contact our customer support team.

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