How does Shopify pricing work?

Information about our pricing options for the NEW Shopify subscription app by PayWhirl, released in November of 2020.

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PayWhirl is excited to announce our pricing plans designed to give our customers the flexibility they need to effectively manage their online subscription businesses. Our new pricing structure includes a free tier* and three additional plans: PRO, TRACTION, and SCALE

  • Our Free Tier* allows you to process your first $5,000 at 0% fees, with a 3% fee for transactions beyond that. This plan includes unlimited subscriptions, unlimited orders, subscription billing, and chat and email support. Our Free Tier is perfect for small businesses looking for an affordable subscription billing solution that is easy to set up and use.

  • For businesses that need a little more functionality, our PRO plan is available for only $9 per month, plus a 2% transaction fee. This plan includes all of the features of our Free Tier, plus email template editing, allowing you to customize your email communications to your customers.

  • Our TRACTION plan is designed for businesses with a high volume of transactions, priced at $29 per month, plus a 1.5% transaction fee. This plan includes all the features of the PRO plan, plus tag workflows, API and webhooks, which allow you to integrate PayWhirl with other apps and systems. Enhanced support is also included, giving you priority assistance when you need it.

  • Finally, for businesses that need the ultimate in flexibility and support, our SCALE plan is available for $149 per month, plus a 0.75% transaction fee. This plan includes all the features of our TRACTION plan, plus priority support, ensuring that you always have access to our team of experts when you need them.

Processing more than $100k/month? Reach out to discuss custom pricing.

*Free Plan: No monthly fees. Transaction fees apply to subscription items after processing the first $5000 USD. Processing is based on each order's total when containing a subscription item. This processing total does not reset.

** Limited features on the Free plan - Email template customization is only available on Pro plans and up. Tag workflows and API access are only available on the Traction plan and up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are transaction fees, and when are they charged?

Transaction fees apply to the entire Shopify order total, including shipping and taxes, when at least one subscription item is present. This includes both one-time and subscription products in the order. Transaction fees do not apply to Shopify orders containing only one-time products.

โ€‹Note: All PayWhirl fees, including transaction fees, are added to your monthly bill in Shopify. Our app fees are separate from any fees charged by Shopify or by your gateway on transactions.

Is the free tier really free?

Yes, for your first $5000 in subscription orders, there are absolutely no PayWhirl fees. After hitting the $5000 threshold, the normal rate of 3% will apply to all subscription orders. This free processing only applies to the first $5000 in processing and does NOT reset.

Can I get the free processing on the paid plans?

Unfortunately not. The free processing is limited to the free tier only and is intended to allow new merchants to trial the benefits of PayWhirl without any cost.

Can I change plans or cancel anytime?

Yes! You can change pricing plans or cancel at any time. If your business increases, you can upgrade to reduce your transaction fees. Shopify will also pro-rate billing adjustments if you change plans, so you won't be charged the new plan's full rate until your next billing cycle is generated.

What are usage caps, and how do they work?

Usage caps are required by Shopify and should be set based on your anticipated monthly sales volume. You choose a usage cap when you select a plan in the app. Exceeding your usage cap may disrupt your subscription billing, so we suggest leaving room for growth. Remember, usage caps can be adjusted anytime from the app settings page.

Please let us know if you have any questions, we're happy to help!


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