By default, when a customer goes through checkout via a PayWhirl widget, they are subsequently logged in and directed to their customer portal dashboard after purchase. 

However, instead of directing them to their account, you may want to send them to a custom thank you page on your website (a custom URL) or somewhere else on the web once they've paid.

There are TWO ways you can direct a customer to a custom "thank you" page...


  2. CUSTOM SCRIPT REDIRECT - Use this method if you want to use custom tracking, conversion, or affiliate tracking scrips.


On all widgets, there is an "advanced" settings section near the bottom of the settings options. If you open the advanced settings, you will see a field that, when populated with a valid URL, will redirect the customer to a custom webpage after checkout.

Custom Script Redirect

OR... If you'd like more control and the ability to load custom conversion scripts BEFORE sending a customer to a thank you page (for affiliate tracking, custom integrations, etc.). you can use our custom scripts method.

You can set-up a custom redirect script easily using PayWhirl's "Custom Tracking Scripts" app. First, log into your PayWhirl account and navigate to "Apps & Integrations" and click "Install App" next to Custom Scripts.

Once you load the app, give it a name, and click the tab that says "Conversion."

Paste in the code below and click the "Save" button.

Note: You'll want to switch out with the full URL of the page to which you'd like to direct the customer.

<style type='text/css'>
    #dashboard{ display:none; }


NOTE: You should trigger any tracking, conversion, or affiliate scripts PRIOR to loading the redirect in the custom scripts app. Data and variables from your customer's purchase will only be available within the custom scripts app, which needs to be triggered before sending customers onto a custom thank you page.

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