When you are creating a profile question, you might want to include a link to an additional page. This can come in handy when you need your customers to read and agree to terms and conditions on checkout.

To make a link in a question, first, navigate to the Profile Question creation page and select the type of question you want to use. For this example, we will use a "Radio Group" question.

The code to make the link is:

{{ pw.makeLink('Link Text','https://url-goes-here') }}

Change the 'Link Text' to say what you want the link to say. In this case, we made it 'Terms and Conditions,' and the link goes to 'https://www.yoursite.com/pagewithterms'. You would change this to the page on your site with the full terms.

Make sure to make the question "required" by clicking the check-box and remove any extra options, so the only choice is "I agree." When enabled in a widget, the question above looks like this:

Now you can have your customers agree to terms on any plan before checking out.

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