How to change a customer's billing cycle

How to change a customers payment date for all future invoices, or just a specific invoice.

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If a customer asks you to change their billing schedule or next payment date, you can make adjustments from the customer's most recent invoice.

This guide is for our Multi-Platform app only. If you are using our Shopify app click here instead.

You have two options to adjust a customer's payment schedule:

  1. Change the payment date for a SINGLE INVOICE.

  2. Change the payment date for ALL FUTURE INVOICES.

Both of these options can be found on the customer's most recent, unpaid, invoice in your PayWhirl account. 

First, locate the customer's most recent open invoice and use the "Process Invoice On" setting, under "Invoice Details," to adjust the customer's billing date as needed.

After you select a new billing date on the invoice, you will be presented with a popup that asks you to select which option you prefer.

  • If you select "APPLY TO ALL FUTURE INVOICES," the change will affect all future billing dates. It will reschedule the billing from the date you choose.

  • If you select "APPLY CHANGE TO THIS INVOICE ONLY," the change will only modify the payment date of the specific invoice you are viewing.

That's it! You should be able to accommodate most of your billing date changes from the invoice page directly by simply selecting the new date you'd like their next invoice to process on.

Alternatively, you can change a customer's billing cycle by canceling their subscription and resubscribing them with a trial period to ensure they resume billing on the correct dates (legacy method).

You can cancel a customer's subscription and resubscribe them using the tools on the edit customer page in your account.

In the example below, I will show you how to change the invoice date, for an existing subscriber who is currently being billed on the 6th of each month and wants to be billed on the 16th of each month going forward. 

First, locate the subscriber by going to Main Menu > Customers > Manage Customers

Next, find the customer and click edit.

Click on the subscriptions tab to view the active subscriptions on the customer's account. Here you can see the customer's existing billing dates. In this example, the customer is billed on the 6th of the month. To change the billing cycle using this method, you must remove the subscription and re-add it.

Finally, to set up the NEW subscription with the corrected billing date, we will subscribe the customer to the same plan they were initially on. However, we will use the "Trial Days" selector to ensure the new subscription doesn't start until the exact day of the month.

In this example, we are 10 days away from the 16th, so add we will add 10 trial days to the plan before subscribing the customer.

The customer is now set up correctly and will be billed on the 16th of each month going forward.

Note: In this example, the plan we used was set to bill "from date of signup." If you have a plan already set up to use a billing cycle start day, the system will pause automatically until that day. If that is the case, a trial may not be needed. Add the plan, and it will delay to the billing date set in the plan.

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