How to add shipping charges based on location

On the new version of PayWhirl you can add shipping charges to every purchase, based on the customers location or total price of the order

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With PayWhirl, you can add shipping charges to every purchase based on the customer's location or total price of the order. In this tutorial, we'll cover how to charge shipping rates based on location.

To get started navigate to the Account Settings > Shipping rules:

If you haven't set up any shipping rules, you can click the "Create a Shipping Rule" button. If you already have shipping rules, you will need to click the "New Rule" button in the top right corner of PayWhirl.

You have the choice to create shipping rules that will either include or exclude anyone in a specific location. In this example, we will set up a $25 shipping rule that will INCLUDE all of Canada. Start off by giving your shipping rule a name, price and select the type as "Customer is in a location":

After you click "Save Rule," you will see additional options to define the location. Because we want this shipping rule to apply to ALL of Canada, we will leave the State/Region and Zip Code sections blank:

You have the control to be as specific as you want with shipping rules. For example, if you added another shipping rule for Canada and selected a State/Region, then it would override the rule for the country. The same goes for the Zip Code. This allows you to create "Blanket" rules that cover the entire country and more specific rules for regions within the country.

More specific rules will override less specific ones: Zip Postal Code > State / Region > Country

Note: A price range is the most specific shipping rule and will always apply as long as the customer's "shipping total" is in the specified range.

You can also create rules that EXCLUDE people in specific locations. For example, if I wanted to create a shipping rule for everyone that is NOT in the United States, I would set up my rule like this:

Note: Location-based shipping rules will not apply to invoices set to charge zero. If you require zero charge invoices to charge shipping, a price range shipping rule, set to include zero, will charge shipping. For example, a rule to charge shipping from $0 to $1 will apply to zero charge invoices.

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