There are MANY different ways to use PayWhirl and BigCommerce together. In this example we will show you how to grant customers automatic discounts for being a member. Similar to a wholesale or discount pricing club.

Note: You may need to have an elevated level of BigCommerce to unlock the customer group feature.

  • First Create your Membership Plan in PayWhirl
  • Go To Dashboard > Plans and Click "Create a Plan"
  • Fill out the plan form and customize your membership rates.
  • Once you save the plan you will see BigCommerce settings appear at the bottom of the plan settings page. This is how you assign the customers to specific groups. 
  • The list of groups comes directly from your BigCommerce account. If you don't already have group(s) created, go to "Customers" in your BigCommerce account and click on "Create a Customer Group." 

NOTE: When you create a group in BigCommerce you can specify a discount amount for customers that are apart of the group.

  • Now lets create your widget to display the membership plan. Navigate to Dashboard > Widgets & Forms and click create widget. 
  • Click on New Widget button at top right corner 
  • Next, select your preferred widget type. Pricing Tables Widgets are the most common with Payment Forms being a close second.
  • Now fill out required fields of form as per your needs, you can choose multiple columns if you have a few different membership plans to display.
  • Select the membership plan we created above from the drop down and customize the widget as needed. If you have multiple membership plans you can add additional sections to display all the membership levels.
  • Copy your Embedded Widget code snippet or Buy Button code snippet, found right below the widget preview section.
  • Back on BigCommerce, navigate to Storefront Content in the main menu, and then click on "Web Pages to proceed.
  • Click on Create New Page as shown below (or select an existing page if you have one already created)
  • Edit the page and make sure to select the code view (html mode) to paste your widget code!
  • After you've pasted your widget code into the editor, click Update & Save.
  • Once you have the page saved, you can direct customers to sign up for the membership by linking to that page. Customers who sign up through the PayWhirl widget will automatically be added to that group and enjoy the discount benefits you setup for the customer group in BigCommerce.

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