There are many different ways to implement content gating or memberships with PayWhirl and Shopify. When a customer signs up for a subscription through PayWhirl, we can tag their account in Shopify. Many Shopify apps can read these tags to enable custom features. For example, Wholesale Pricing by Supple Apps can read these tags to offer discounts to collections and individual products, without duplicating variants.

Note: Customers will need to be logged into their Shopify accounts to see the discounted pricing.

The process to set this up in PayWhirl begins with the membership plans:

  • Go To Dashboard > Plans and Click "Create a Plan"

  • Fill out the plan form and customize your membership rates.

  • Note the plan SKU, this will be the tag that is applied in Shopify. Make sure orders are set for Each Installment.
  • Now lets create your widget. Navigate to Dashboard > Widgets & Forms and click create widget. 
  • Click on New Widget button at top right corner 
  • Typically you would use a Pricing Table Widget or a Payment Form for the membership.
  • Now fill out required fields of form as per your requirements, you can choose multiple columns if you will have a few different membership plans.
  • Select the membership plan you created above from the drop down, and you can customize the text. If you have multiple membership plans you can add additional sections to display all the membership levels.
  • Copy your Embed Codes for the Widget or Buy Button, found right under the widget preview.
  • Navigate to the admin part of Shopify and click Online Store>Pages click on add a page (This is going to be the page where your customers will be able to create their account and will NOT be locked by locksmith)
  • Edit the page and make sure to select the code view to paste your widget code!
  • Make sure the page is easily accessible to customers as this is where they will create their membership account to access the content/pricing.

Once you have the widget installed, you are ready to configure the custom pricing in the 3rd party app (like Wholesale Pricing). 

When customers add the subscription through the membership widget:

  • PayWhirl will create an account for them in Shopify with the same username and password they setup (if they don't already exist)
  • Tag them with the SKU of that plan. 

You may also want to forward customers to a specific page on your site after they complete the purchase. Normally they are logged into their customer portal.

We also offer a customer portal widget that can be embedded on your site. Usually clients will embed this on a separate 'manage my membership" page on their Shopify stores. This way customers can manage their membership or update payment information.  

If the customer cancels their subscription the tag on the customer's account in Shopify is removed automatically, preventing any further discounts.

We also have dunning settings so you can control what happens if a customers payment fails. By default, the tags would remain active if a payment declines, however you could have it automatically cancel the customer's subscription (which would remove the tags).

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