How to export subscriber data & other information

On PayWhirl you always have access to your data and can create exports at any time

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This guide is for our Multi-Platform app only. If you are using our Shopify app click here instead.

On PayWhirl you always have access to your data and can create exports at any time. You can export subscribers, subscription information, daily stats, invoices, charges and much more.

To see all of the available options click "Data Export" in the main menu under Stats & Reporting:

Next start your download by selecting the format you'd like the data in. You can choose from three different options: .csv file (comma separated valued), .xls (excel), .xlsx (excel):

We even have some basic tools to filter the reporting by date range. Just make sure to read the tooltips to see what the start date and end date are looking at for that specific report. For example, with the active subscriber report, the start date is the date of the creation of the subscription.

Note: A customer who is going through the dunning process will still be reported as an active subscriber. They remain in the system as an active subscriber until the system hits the limit you configured for payment retries and cancels the customer's subscription. The active subscriber report is not recommended as a fulfillment tool. 

Instead, if you are just getting started and don't use an order management system, you can use the Invoice report as a fulfillment list. Make sure to sort and filter the results for paid invoices. 

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