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How to Update Subscription Pricing by Performing a Product Swap on Shopify
How to Update Subscription Pricing by Performing a Product Swap on Shopify

A quick product swap can help ensure that your pricing is up to date.

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By default, subscribers are grandfathered into the price at which they initially subscribed. This means that even if you update the pricing on your store, existing subscribers continue to pay the same amount they started with. However, there are instances when you might want to shift subscribers to new pricing—for example, to adjust to market changes, increased costs, or improved offerings. In such cases, executing a product swap allows you to update the pricing for current subscribers. This can be done as a bulk update or on an individual subscription basis.

1) Bulk Update Method:

This method is ideal for updating multiple subscriptions simultaneously, although you may need to run a bulk update for each product you adjust.

Step 1: Initiate Bulk Update

  • Go to the app page and click on the subscriptions tab.

  • Use the checkbox to select all subscriptions for a bulk update.

  • By selecting Swap product, you can apply changes across all subscriptions that contain that specific product variant.

Step 2: Narrowing Down with Product Variants

  • In the Product variant to swap from field, select the current product variant tied to the subscriptions you wish to update. Note that only subscriptions that contain that variant will be updated.

  • In the swap to field, choose the same product variant to be updated with the new pricing.

Step 3: Set the New Pricing and Apply Changes

  • Check the Change unit price option and input the new pricing. The price you configure should include any plan discounts you provide for subscriptions.

  • Click Next to review the changes and confirm the update.

The system will process the swap and update the pricing for all subscriptions that include the specified product variant, bypassing those without it.

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Final Steps: Monitoring and Reporting

  • The update process will generate a report, which will be sent to you upon completion. You can pause or cancel the bulk action during the process if necessary.

  • After finishing, review the report to confirm the successful update of subscriptions.

2) One-off adjustments Using Sort and Filter:

While the above method casts a wide net, you can refine your selection using the sort and filter option before selecting the subscriptions. For instance, you can filter to only update subscriptions created after a certain date, ensuring that only newer subscribers are moved to the new pricing.

Prior to making pricing changes, it is recommended that customers are aware of this change to maintain a transparent relationship.

These tools allow you to confidently update subscription pricing on a large scale while ensuring only the subscriptions that you want are adjusted.

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