How taxes work with Shopify subscriptions

For simplicity, Shopify controls all of the tax rules for subscriptions and they work the same as one time products.

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This guide will help explain how tax calculations for subscriptions are managed via PayWhirl on Shopify. Understanding how taxes work is critical to maintaining a smooth and transparent shopping experience for your customers. We've made it easy by having all tax calculations directly managed by Shopify. Below, I've included details on how this integration works and what you need to know to manage your subscription taxes efficiently.

How Taxes are Calculated

PayWhirl doesn't have its own tax rules or settings to configure. Shopify automatically manages the tax calculations. This seamless integration ensures that as long as you have set up your product correctly in Shopify to charge taxes, the orders triggered by PayWhirl subscriptions will also have the taxes calculated and added automatically.

Steps to Configure Taxes in Shopify

  1. Log in to your Shopify Admin Panel.

  2. Navigate to 'Products' and select the product you want to set up for taxes.

  3. Scroll down to the 'Pricing' section and ensure the 'Charge taxes on this product' checkbox is ticked.

  4. Save your settings.

Important Note: Locked-in Subscription Settings

It's crucial to understand that the Shopify product settings, including tax rules, are locked-in during the initial subscription order. If you change the product's tax settings or other rules after a customer has already subscribed, these changes won't affect the existing subscriptions.

For example, if a product initially did not qualify for taxes and you later changed it to be taxable, existing subscribers will not be charged the new tax. Only new subscribers will be charged according to the updated tax settings. This may require manual or bulk editing of your subscriptions to replace the product with the same product. This effectively updates the product settings to the latest version.

By aligning PayWhirl with Shopify's robust tax calculation features, we aim to make the process straightforward and reliable for merchants and customers. Remember the locking-in of subscription settings when making changes to your Shopify products.

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