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How to Perform Bulk Actions for Subscriptions on Shopify
How to Perform Bulk Actions for Subscriptions on Shopify

Make changes to multiple subscriptions simultaneously. Pause, cancel, or update subscriptions in bulk to save time.

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Bulk actions in subscription management systems are powerful tools that help you manage multiple subscriptions simultaneously. Whether you need to pause, cancel, or update several subscriptions, bulk actions can save you a lot of time. Here’s how to perform them:

Accessing Bulk Actions

  1. Click on the PayWhirl app in your Shopify store.

  2. Navigate to the Subscriptions section.

  3. Use the sort and filter tools to narrow down the subscriptions you want to adjust.

  4. Select the subscriptions you want to update by clicking the checkboxes.

  5. Click the Bulk Actions button at the bottom center of the page

Available Bulk Actions

In the Bulk update subscriptions menu, you can choose from several actions:

  • Activate inactive subscriptions: Activate subscriptions that have been imported/manually created.

  • Pause subscriptions: Temporarily stop selected subscriptions.

  • Resume subscriptions: Continue subscriptions that are currently on pause.

  • Cancel subscriptions: Permanently stop selected subscriptions.

  • Charge now: Immediately process payment for the selected subscriptions.

  • Update the next scheduled action: Change the next billing date or expire the subscription.

  • Add product: Include an additional product in the selected subscriptions.

  • Add one-time free gift product: Adds a free product to the next order only.

  • Swap product: Replaces a product with another one for the selected subscriptions.

  • Remove product: Removes a product from the selected subscriptions.

  • Update shipping method: Change the shipping method for the selected subscriptions.

  • Apply discount code: Add a discount to the selected subscriptions.

  • Remove discount code: Remove an existing discount from the selected subscriptions.

Performing a Bulk Action

  1. Click the Bulk update subscriptions menu.

  2. Select the action you want to apply from the dropdown list.

  3. A prompt will appear to depending on the action to input additional details (such as a the product you want to replace or a discount code you want to add).

  4. Click Next and confirm the details.

  5. Click Start to execute the bulk action.

Tips for Bulk Updates

  • Use the Filter feature to narrow down the list of subscriptions if you're targeting a specific group (e.g., all subscriptions due to renew on a specific date).

  • A swap of a product for the same product can be used to update pricing in bulk.

  • Always review the selected subscriptions before applying a bulk action to avoid unintended changes.

  • For large sets of subscriptions, consider performing the action on a small sample first to ensure everything works as expected.

  • The chosen action will be attempted one by one on every selected subscription that is eligible for this action.

  • Subscriptions that are already finished won't be modified by bulk actions.

  • You can pause and cancel the bulk update process at any time.

  • When the process is completed, you'll receive a report with the results of every action. You should review it to confirm that every subscription was successfully updated.

  • You can also request partial reports while the process is running.

Finalizing the Update

After you have performed the bulk action:

  1. Wait for the system to process the changes. This may take a few moments.

  2. Verify that the changes have been applied correctly by reviewing the results.

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