Inventory management settings in PayWhirl

Automatically adjust subscriptions based on stock levels, enabling skipping, continuing, or pausing orders to prevent fulfillment issues.

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Low inventory action setting

This setting allows you to take action just before a scheduled subscription payment occurs. It triggers when the payment would cause any line item's inventory level to fall below a selected inventory threshold. By using this setting, you can prevent the creation of orders with unavailable product variants.

PayWhirl's subscription inventory management

To enable inventory controls, you may need to accept new app permissions in Shopify so PayWhirl can access your inventory and location data.


  1. Skip the order - The payment is skipped and the billing date is moved to the next cycle. Merchant gets a notification email that the order was skipped due to low inventory. No email is sent to the customer.

  2. Continue placing orders - No action is taken. Subscription is billed on its schedule, and orders are generated with items that have no inventory.

  3. Pause Subscription - Subscriptions are paused when inventory is lower than the threshold specified in the settings. Subscriptions can be resumed using bulk actions after inventory is received.


  • Pre-paid subscriptions are excluded from the low inventory check.

  • The Charge Now action in the admin subscription editor will bypass the low inventory actions.

  • If the Skip order action is selected and the customer attempts to Charge now from the customer portal when the subscription items inventory level is low, the order won't be created, and no action will be taken (payment won't be skipped).

  • Products with Track quantity disabled or Continue selling when out of stock option enabled in Shopify will be excluded from the low inventory check and orders will be placed on schedule.

  • Subscription line items that have missing variant information (due to Shopify product edits or removal) will be excluded from the low inventory check, and orders will be placed on schedule.


  • PayWhirl checks the general product variant inventory level, which is a sum of the product variant inventory across all store locations and is maintained by Shopify.

  • In some situations, the inventory level may fall below the selected threshold. This may happen due to the following:
    - Multiple billing attempts are being made at the same time.
    - Payment is delayed due to 3DS verification needing to be performed by the customer.
    - Delays from Shopify payment processing and inventory adjustments being recorded.

Resuming Paused Subscriptions

You can use Bulk Actions in PayWhirl from the subscriptions page when you're ready to resume your paused subscriptions. To make it easier, we've added a filter that allows you to view subscriptions that have been paused due to low inventory.

How to resume subscriptions paused due to low inventory:

  • Filter subscriptions by Status > Paused > Low Inventory to find the subscription(s) you want to resume.

  • Use the bulk actions to Resume Subscriptions. After an hour, the system will attempt to charge the customers for their resumed subscriptions and advance the billing cycle.

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