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How to Manage Subscription Notifications in Shopify
How to Manage Subscription Notifications in Shopify

How to configure subscription-related email notifications that are automatically sent to your customers.

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Several subscription events can generate emails for customers and administrators on PayWhirl. Each email can be toggled on/off independently based on your needs and are customizable.

PayWhirl Subscription Notifications

  • New subscription - Sent to the customer when they create a new subscription.

  • Subscription expired (completed) - Sent to the customer when their subscription expires (i.e. when all payments have been made).

  • Subscription paused - Sent to the customer when their subscription is paused.

  • Subscription resumed - Sent to the customer when their subscription is resumed.

  • Subscription canceled - Sent to the customer when their subscription is manually canceled.

  • Subscription edited - Sent to customers when their subscription has been edited (2 edits made to a subscription less than 2 minutes apart will trigger only 1 email).

  • Payment failed (retrying) - Sent to the customer after a failed payment, which is scheduled for automatic retrying (dunning).

  • Payment failed (last attempt) - Sent to the customer after the last attempt to process their subscription payment fails.

  • Order Skipped - Sent to the customer after skipping an order

  • Annual subscription reminder - The email is required by certain local jurisdictions; please check your state's requirements.

  • Address Changed - Sent to the customer after they edit an address in their Shopify account settings to remind them that it doesn't automatically update to their existing subscriptions.

  • Payment Reminder - Sent X number of days before payments billing.

  • Customer account invite - Sends Shopify's account invite email to customers who checkout as guests.

You can edit each e-mail notification template from the settings page in the PayWhirl app by clicking the name/link of the notification. You have full access to the HTML of each email template in the system. When you are finished, you can see a preview of the template before toggling it to be sent to customers when each event occurs.

Subscription Email Variables

We provide variables (listed below) that you can use to customize your templates within the HTML. For example, if you wanted to display your customer's email address in the notification, you would use the {{customer_email}} variable in the HTML of your template.

  • {{contact_email}}

  • {{payment_retry_days}}

  • {{payment_notification_days}}

  • {{portal_link}}

  • {{shop_name}}

  • {{shop_link}}

  • {{subject}}

  • {{subscription_id}}

  • {{subscription_link}}

  • {{customer_first_name}}

  • {{customer_last_name}}

  • {{customer_email}}

  • {{customer_address}}

You can use these variables to inject data into your template and customize your email templates with data from your PayWhirl account.

Admin System Notifications

If you'd like to receive a copy of e-mails our system sends to your customers, you can include a comma-separated list of emails and toggle Send system notifications about subscriptions setting to enabled. This can be found just below the Customer notifications section on the settings page of the PayWhirl app.

Note: If this option is toggled, all e-mails we automatically send to customers will be sent to the e-mail address(es) you specify. This can be toggled off at any time. If you'd only like to receive specific system notifications (i.e. failed payments), you can set up filters based on the different subject lines to ensure you only get the notifications you need.

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If you have any questions or problems configuring the app, please contact our support. We're happy to help.


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