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How to fix missing translations in Shopify
How to fix missing translations in Shopify
If you have noticed that some areas within Shopify are missing translations or not properly translated, this support doc will help.
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The new PayWhirl app can be translated into many different languages, and you can find the translation page in the app under Settings > Translations.

Most translations are located in the app settings, but some are controlled by your theme and the Shopify language editor. For example, on product pages, you'll see two translations that are not configurable in the app settings.

Purchase Options

One-time Purchase

These two translations above are located in your theme files and are located in paywhirl-settings.liquid and can be adjusted as needed.

By default, you'll see two transactions, one for English and another for Polish, but you can add additional languages by adding additional values to the code. For example, if you wanted to add another translation for Italian, you would edit the code as follows.

* Translations
translations: {
en: {
'plan-selector-title': 'Purchase options',
'one-time-purchase-label': 'One-time purchase',
it: {
'plan-selector-title': 'Opzioni di acquisto',
'one-time-purchase-label': 'Acquisto una tantume',
pl: {
'plan-selector-title': 'Opcje zakupu',
'one-time-purchase-label': 'Jednorazowy zakup',

You can add as many new blocks as you need. You just need to find the two-digit language code and then add the translations for that language. It's usually easiest to copy the first language block (English) and then paste it again below the closing }, for that language block.

For Italian, the block looks like this...

    it: {
'plan-selector-title': 'Opzioni di acquisto',
'one-time-purchase-label': 'Acquisto una tantume',

For Spanish, it would look like this...

    es: {
'plan-selector-title': 'Opciones de compra',
'one-time-purchase-label': 'Compra única',

In Shopify Checkout, you'll find some other text that may need to be translated. These are controlled within Shopify's language editor and located in your Shopify account under Online Store > Theme > Actions > Edit Language.

You can search for any text that is not translated and adjust it as necessary. For example, if you search "subscription", you should see all of the text related to subscriptions now available in Shopify.

Finally, sometimes in the customer portal, you may find missing translations if your theme doesn't already support them. They usually look like this...



Or whatever language is missing. The beginning two letters specify the language...



You can add these to your theme if they are not present under the "Locales" folder in the corresponding language JSON file. For example, if the English translation is missing, you would open the en.default.json file to make sure they are present.

If you need assistance or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team. We are happy to help and answer any questions.


The PayWhirl Team

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