Does PayWhirl create orders in Shopify? (2016 Version)

Yes, PayWhirl has better order integration than ever before. Orders are generated in Shopify based on plan-specific order settings.

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Yes. With PayWhirl, you can configure what happens when a customer completes the checkout process. Each payment plan you create has its own Shopify order settings option. This lets you decide how and when the orders are generated in Shopify.

Some businesses doing a subscription box may want orders on each payment. Others may only want orders on the first payment, like a rental or a product with a monthly subscription charge.

By default, orders are placed independent of existing products in your Shopify store. This can come in handy if you are only selling a subscription and don't have a corresponding product in Shopify. However, if you also are selling the product through Shopify, you may want to link your plan to a product or variant.

We only generate orders in Shopify after the payment has successfully processed. With that in mind, we recommend leaving the default order status setting to paid, but it can be adjusted.

Here is an example of an order with a single line item that was created by a payment plan:

Plans that are linked to a product in your Shopify store will deduct from your inventory in Shopify. This happens automatically when the order is placed, making it easier to manage sales.

You can also override the shipping code and product weight. This can come in handy if subscription customers get special shipping rates or extra items included in their box.

When a customer completes the checkout process through a widget, they can select the address that is attached to the order. This works a bit like Amazon and lets customers add profiles or additional addresses for friends or family members.

If this is the first time a customer has placed an order, we will create an account for them in Shopify with the email address and password they used for PayWhirl. If they already had an existing account with Shopify, the orders will get added to that account.

Note: The orders only go to Shopify after an invoice successfully processes. For example, if you have a free trial on a payment plan, this will delay the first invoice. It won't generate the customer record or the order in Shopify until after the trial ends.

The invoices and orders they generate can also have multiple line items. Instead of the customer going right to check out after they have selected their plan, you can entice them to add on upsells. These could be one time or recurring products that each gets added onto the order as a separate line item and SKU.  

Each upsell can also be linked to a product in Shopify.

Note: If you turn shipping off on a plan, the system assumes you will not need the order fulfilled (for saas, rentals, etc.).

If you disable the shipping rules on a plan but still want the order to be able to be fulfilled, you need to set shipping to be required on all orders. Go to Apps and Integrations and click edit next to Shopify.

This should help you configure the orders to work with 3rd party fulfillment apps like ShipStation, ShipWire, etc.

If you haven't already, to set up orders with Shopify, you need to connect it to PayWhirl. This is done directly from the PayWhirl Dashboard. Click on Account Settings and 3rd Party Integration. See this article for more info

Note: Our cart system is separate from the one built into Shopify. We cannot import items or complete a checkout that begins in the Shopify cart.

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