PayWhirl's integration with BigCommerce gives businesses the ability to associate specific product IDs from BigCommerce with orders created by PayWhirl. Businesses can control this functionality by toggling an integration setting, and making sure that SKUs from plans or upsells in PayWhirl match existing product SKUs from BigCommerce.

If the integration setting is enabled and a SKU from PayWhirl matches a SKU from a product in BigCommerce PayWhirl will add the product ID to the order metadata sent from PayWhirl.

This setting can be enabled from the BigCommerce setting page under the "Apps & Integrations" section of PayWhirl:

Once the setting is enabled, you can simply match your SKUs from BigCommerce roducts to your payment plans (or upsells) in PayWhirl.
Product SKU in BigCommerce: 

Payment Plan SKU in PayWhirl

Once plans/products are associated by SKU, PayWhirl will include BigCommerce product ids on any orders that are generated by the system. As a result you'll see that some revenue stats are populated in BigCommerce that would otherwise be blank.

Additionally, when customers receive emails from BigCommerce, or login to their account and view existing orders placed by PayWhirl, they will see product images from BigCommerce displayed. 

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