On PayWhirl when you create a widget or payment form you will be presented with two embed code options:

  1. Traditional in-page embed code
  2. Buy button embed code

The buy button embed codes display a button rather than a complete widget and popup checkout into a window above the page with the button. Buy button embed codes make it easy to create seamless subscriptions on just about any site.

Customers just have to click on the buy button, and they can view the widget and complete their purchase in a popup window above the page:

You can customize the buy buttons and use a custom image by making a small change to your buy button embed code. If you look at your embed code closely, you will see a section that says, button_image: ' ' and has two apostrophes with nothing between them.

If you edit the button image section and add a complete URL to an image already hosted online like: button_image:'http://www.image_path_here.com/mypic.jpeg' with a full URL it will use the custom image instead of the default PayWhirl Buy Button.

If you are on a monthly paid plan, we will host and update the image code automatically when you upload a new image.

For more information on the different types of widgets click here.

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Please let us know if you have any questions about the PayWhirl Buy Button.

Team PayWhirl

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