PayWhirl provides built-in tools to help you prevent / allow checkouts from specific countries. You can change these settings from the advanced settings page in your PayWhirl account.

On the allowed countries page you can select / deselect all the checkboxes you'd like to control which countries can place orders. If you deselect a checkbox for a country it will not appear as an option in widgets when customers checkout.

With several countries, you can also limit signups down to the state level. If you see a blue link for the name of the country, you can click it to select only the states you want to allow:

If you need to limit checkouts to specific regions, we can also help with that but you will need to create a zip code whitelist using our custom scripts app. Once you have installed the custom scripts app you can use a simple script to limit checkouts to specific zip code(s):

var zips = [30068,90120,30033];
var currentVal = $(this).val();
if(!$.inArray(currentVal, zips)){
} else {

In the example above there are 3 zip codes that are whitelisted:

var zips = [30068,90120,30033];

If the customer types in one of those three whitelisted zip codes, the script will ENABLE the checkout button, else it will disabled and prevent customers from purchasing. 

NOTE:  This is only an example of what is possible with a custom script. The script above has NOT been fully tested so please make sure to test checkout thoroughly and modify as needed before you implement this on a live website.

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