If a customer requests to skip a payment and/or change their billing cycle you can help them using your PayWhirl account as an admin.

In this example, I will show you how to change the invoice date, for an existing subscriber who is currently being billed on the 22nd of each month and wants to be billed on the 1st of each month going forward. 

  • First locate the subscriber by going to Main Menu > Customers > Manage Customers:
  • Next, find the customer and click edit (depending on your browser, device or screen size you may need to click a "plus sign" (+) to expand the row and see the edit button)
  • Click on the subscriptions tab to view the active subscriptions on the customer's account. Here you can see the customer's existing billing dates. In this example, the customer is billed on the 22nd of the month. To change the billing cycle you must remove the subscription and re-add it...

NOTE: Changing the billing date of an existing subscription INVOICE will NOT change the future re-bill dates for that subscription... You must cancel the original subscription and add a replacement.

  • Finally, to setup the NEW subscription with the corrected billing date we will subscribe the customer to the same plan they were originally on, however, we will use a the "Trial Days" selector to ensure the new subscription doesn't start until the correct day of the month... In this example, we are 26 days away from the first of April (next month) so add we will add 26 trial days to the plan before subscribing the customer.
  • The customer is now setup correctly and will be billed on April 1st going forward.

Note: In this example, the plan we used was set to bill "from date of signup." If you have a plan already setup to use a billing cycle start day the system will pause automatically until that day. If that is the case a trial may not be needed. Simply add the plan and it will delay to the billing date set in the plan.

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