When dealing with recurring payments, declines and cancellations are always a concern. With PayWhirl you can quickly resume a subscription so that there is minimal interruption to the customer. 

When a subscription is canceled, it will show under the subscription history in the customer's account. 

  • To resume the subscription locate the customer by going to the Manage Customers:
  • From there you will see all of the main account details. Click on the Subscription tab on the top of the page:
  • This view will show all of the current subscriptions as well as the customer's subscription history. Click resume to re-activate the customer's subscription:
  • The system will then ask if you want to resume and attempt to collect for the missed invoices or re-add the subscription going forward. 
  • The subscription will now show under active subscriptions, and you can see subscription history, and view the upcoming invoice by clicking edit next to the subscription.

That's it! The subscription is now resumed!

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If you have any questions about resuming a cancelled subscription please let us know.

Team PayWhirl

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