PayWhirl can be setup to place orders in BigCommerce when payments are processed successfully. Orders are generated in BigCommerce based on your plan settings and orders themselves have individual line items for each product/service purchased through PayWHirl. Each line item on the order also has it's own SKU, which is also carried down to the order from the plan settings. The staff notes section will also contain profile questions & answers if you have any.

To setup orders with BigCommerce you need to connect to PayWhirl. This is done one of two ways:

  1. Via the BigCommerce app store listing
  2. Via the integrations page in your PayWhirl account

You can read more about installing PayWhirl on Bigcommerce here.

Once installed, a new section called "BigCommerce Settings" will appear at the bottom of the plan settings page with additional options. The new setting to control how orders place is called "When should we place orders?"  and has several options.

Edit Plans > BigCommerce Order Settings:

You can also have customers automatically assigned to groups in BigCommerce. This can be used for 'content gating' or creating a members only section. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about controlling the flow of orders into BigCommerce when plans are purchased in PayWhirl.

Team PayWhirl

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