The Selling plan group and its options are what determine the choices customers will have to buy a product in your Shopify store.

At the moment these options mainly deal with the "Subscribe and Save" type subscription options, but we are going to be expanding support for other models over time (Pre-paid, pre-orders, and more).

When you first log in to the app you'll see the app dashboard with setup instructions to configure the app. To begin, you'll need to create selling plan groups in the app.

Note: You can set up multiple selling plans within a selling plan group to give customers more than one option. This selling plan has 3 options to specify the frequency for orders:

Selling Plan Group - The first options are for the selling plan group itself. A 'selling plan group' must have at least one 'selling plan', but you add more than one to give customers a few options.

Internal name - This is the name used to identify the selling plan group in the app. The internal name is NOT visible to customers.

Public name - This is the name of the selling plan group and it's shown to customers on the product page.

Plan selector title - This is displayed when customers view your selling plan group options on the product page.

Note: Depending on your theme it might look a bit different than the screenshots above. Each theme has the ability to style and place elements in different locations but generally, this is how these settings will be displayed to customers.

Selling Plan - In short, these are the actual purchase options you want to give a customer. These specify the billing frequency and optional discounts.

In this example, we'll create a weekly selling plan with a 15% discount.

Selling Plan Name - This is the name of the selling plan that will be displayed to customers in your cart, during checkout, and potentially on product pages (depending on your theme).

Cart Preview

Plan Selector Label - This is the name of the selling plan that will be displayed to your customers on the product page where they select their subscription options.

Selling Plan Description (optional) - This is displayed to customers on product pages after they select a specific selling plan. It's a good place to provide extra information about the specific selling plan and appears as a text block.

Billing rules - These settings will control how the selling plan bills your customers on a recurring basis.

Interval - This setting has two controls. It allows you to choose how often the selling plan will bill your customers and on what frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). In our example, we'll select 1 for the interval and weekly for the frequency settings so the customers are charged every week. If you wanted to bill the customers every two weeks, you'd select 2 for the interval and the weekly frequency.

The interval settings also control how often orders will be generated in your Shopify store. For example, if your selling plan bills the customer every week, then orders will be generated every week.

Note: During the beta period of our app billing frequencies and order frequencies must match, but we'll be expanding functionality soon to allow merchants to select different billing and shipping frequencies. For example, billing monthly and placing orders weekly.

Min number of installments before the customer can cancel - This setting will control how many payments the customer must make before they can cancel the subscription from the customer portal. This is helpful if your subscriptions require customers to be subscribed for a minimum number of payments. This is disabled by default and will require the merchant to cancel subscriptions manually via the admin if customers need to make changes before the minimum term has been met.

Max number of fulfillments - This setting lets you control if subscriptions should be ongoing (continue indefinitely) or be canceled automatically after a specific number of payments have been completed. By default, it's set to unlimited which will make the subscription continue to rebill until it's canceled by the customer or the merchant.

For example, if you wanted a subscription to last for three payments you would set the max number of fulfillments to 3 and the system would automatically cancel the subscription after three payments were completed.

Discount or manual price - This setting controls the pricing for the selling plan and works with the "adjustment value" setting.

There are four options for pricing selling plans:

  • None (not recommended) - Keeps the price the same as the selected product variant, with no adjustment. Adding a discount for recurring payments can increase conversion rates for subscriptions.
  • Fixed Amount Discount (recommended) - Lets you select a specific amount to discount the product variant if customers buy the selling plan.
  • Percentage Discount (recommended) - Lets you select a percentage-based amount to discount the product variant if customers buy the selling plan.
  • Manual Price - Let you specify a manual price for the selling plan.

In our example, we've opted to give customers a 15% discount for subscribing to weekly deliveries. This is commonly referred to as "subscribe and save" and is usually well received by customers.

Clicking the link right under the billing rules will allow you to create another selling plan for that group.

If you have any questions or problems getting the app configured, please reach out to our support. We're happy to help.


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