Our new subscription app (2020) works directly with the products in your Shopify store. Once you install the app, you will see this new subscription option on product pages in Shopify.

Here you can select an existing selling plan group you've created, or you can create one on the fly using a simple plan editor. If you choose "select existing option," it will apply the selling plan group to all the product's variants.

If you want to apply the selling plan group to a specific variant only, you can edit the variant and attach the subscription from the variant details page

Applying a selling plan group only to a specific variant:

If you have already installed the snippets in your theme, you will see your product page's subscription options after linking the selling plan group.

You do not see the subscription options on your product page, you can follow these instructions to finish up your theme install. If you have issues, we can help troubleshoot.

If you have any questions or problems getting the app configured, please reach out to our support. We're happy to help.


Team PayWhirl

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