In this tutorial we will setup Share A Sale ( conversion and affiliate tracking on the PayWhirl platform.

NOTE: You will need your Merchant ID from ShareASale to complete setup.

Your web site will need to send two unique values from the completed sale or lead into the ShareASale tracking code.
The two unique values that need to be sent are:

  1. The subtotal amount of the sale – referred to as the AMOUNT

2. The order number or unique identifier from that order – referred to as the TRACKINGNUMBER

The remaining variables can be hard-coded into the ShareASale tracking code, and are as follows: Your ShareASale Merchant ID number – referred to as MERCHANTID The type of program, either a LEAD or SALE program – referred to as TRANSTYPE

In this example we're passing in the the TOTAL from the sale into the amount paramater and the CUSTOMER ID+DATE into the tracking paramater to create a unique identifier for the customer & order in Share A Sale.

NOTE: In the modified example above you just need to replace "MERCHANTID" with your ShareASale Merchant ID from your account.

Finally, just paste the tracking code into your PayWhirl account settings under tracking codes > conversion tracking:

That's it!... You should now be tracking widget conversions with ShareASale and can use their affiliate tools to reward your sellers!

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